Thursday, September 17, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing?

OK, so I know what you're thinking at this point--in this age of HDLs and  LDLs, who eats pie, let alone who bakes pie??? But let's just rethink this concept. The average piece of pie is not even close to being as bad for you than the double latte, the lame donut at the office break room or heaven forbid a trip through the drive-through.
Calorie bombImage by Jan & Peggy via Flickr
Of course, I'm not talking pie everyday or even a pie every week but think of it this way--isn't it worth skipping the double mocha with whipped cream to have a great homemade piece of perfection like pie?? What about pie on Sunday?--that's an American tradition. Pie as dessert for a dinner party--I guarantee you everyone will be thrilled since they probably haven't had a home baked pie in years. Good grief, you really should bake a homemade pie for Thanksgiving, it's the patriotic thing to do! If you can't bear the thought of actually baking a pie (even though that is the fun part) there's always the Pie-for-Life Club--for real.

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